We link contextually relevant data and interactive content within streaming video. GRAVIDI creates an inviting experience where viewers securely engage with content on average 7 times per view and stay twice as long.

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Content is King. we think content creators deserve


Keep viewers immersed with related articles, image galleries, polls and additional videos. Stay connected with your audience by sharing social feeds and collecting email subscribers. Maximize your revenue with affiliate deals by linking any product in your video to our thousands of merchant partners. Even promote and sell your own products as you build your brand.

  • Build Your Brand

    - Keep viewers on your channel with playlists that feature ONLY your content.
    - Increase brand awareness, content association, drive purchase intent and repeat visits.
    - Deliver a consistent viewing experience in our unbranded player


    - Online viewers don't want to watch, they want to experience.
    - Provide more and drive up view completions, interaction rates and time on site.
    - Stay connected with email registrations, social feeds and sharing.


    - Drive up CPMs with targeted contextual data on GRAVIDI or your owned and operated channels.
    - Increase Ad Impressions by up to 7x based on average interaction rates.
    - Search and tag in video products to our database of over 1 million affiliate deals.

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